Troupe celebrates decade of dancing

The 10th year anniversary of Mahogany Dance Theatre was Oct. 8, and they celebrated it by having a disc jockey on The Set.

The dance troupe was on The Set last Friday introducing the organization to students. On Saturday, Mahogany Dance Theatre had a car wash and pool party.

Ceiffawn Wetherspoon, president of Mahogany Dance Theatre said the dance troupe wanted to show thanks to Shepiro Hardemon, who is the founder of the organization. Hardemon is also the founder of the strikers, and he created Mahogany because he wanted a girl organization as well.

“Today [Oct. 9], we’re having a dinner, just commemorating Hardemon and what he has done for us,” said Wetherspoon, 21, a criminal justice student from Miami.

Not only is the dance troupe recognizing their founder, but they are also exposing students to the art of dance.

Alyssa Freedman, 19, a sophomore criminal justice student from Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands said that the dance troupe decided to celebrate their anniversary on The Set to let people know that they are still active on campus, and they want to put on events for students.

“Last year, we did Apollo,” Freedman said. “We want to have the students not in organizations show off their talent in Lee Hall.”

Students felt that Mahogany Dance Theatre event on The Set was a success.

Lucious Oglesby, 18, a freshman secondary education student from Jacksonville said he enjoyed the social that Mahogany held.

“This party allowed me to chill and have something to do before I go to class,” Oglesby said. “To get people enlighten on their organization [was a good thing]. It was nice.”

Mahogany will be performing on the Florida State campus Saturday at 7 p.m. at Ruby Diamand Auditorium.