Senate takes requests

In the 7th session of the 37th Student Senate meeting held Monday evening, two A&S funded organizations requested funds. The Senate also announced their upcoming community service project and other campus organizations announced upcoming events.

After the senate returned from their Indianapolis retreat this past weekend, senators were greeted with a full senate chamber Monday evening. Representatives from the Resident Student Association and concerned residents from Gibbs Hall were present to request A&S funding for two security cameras, valued at $1000, for Gibbs Hall. The request was made as a result of the recent armed robberies and violence that have been occurring in and around the campus.

“People don’t feel safe anymore,” said RSA President, Keon Hogan, 19. “Students are being held at gun point.”

Vice-President of RSA, Akeem Williams, 18, and Fahad Islam, RSA’s advisor, added that the money RSA is requesting will cover two adjustable, color security cameras that also have zoom capabilities. The cameras will be used to track people entering and exiting Gibbs Hall.

“People can come in [Gibbs] through the side doors because those doors don’t have any locks,” Islam said. “Sometimes people come in and say they are going to visit their little brothers, then say never mind and leave.”

RSA has offered to install the cameras to help save an additional $1,000 that would be charged for a company installation.

Islam said RSA also came before the senate to request funds because the Office of Housing does not have adequate funding to exclusively update the Gibbs’ doors.

“If an incident is reported, then we will have videotape to see what went on because then we will have an exact time, then later a clearer picture of the face,” Islam explained. “Installing video cameras could help in giving more information to police than just a blue shirt.”

He added that cameras would also be placed above the side doors to monitor activity.

Senate President Mellori Lumpkin said that she has created a subcommittee to obtain concrete information on the origin of the funds that will be allocated to assist in Gibbs Hall for security. After RSA addressed the senate, New Beginnings, the childcare center on FAMU’s campus, requested a fixed budget from the senate.

“So far, New Beginnings has been satisfied with the service,” said Sen. Calvin Hayes. “However for the past few years, the budget allocated to the center has been chunked and the unsteady budget has been like a rollercoaster ride.”

Sen. Hayes added that the center is looking forward to working with the other senators for a more consistent budget.

New Beginnings was created for FAMU students who cannot afford daycare for their children. Currently, the childcare center’s clientele includes 60 to 70 children between the ages of two and five.

Lumpkin said she has seen fliers around campus that advertise that mothers who receive Pell grants are eligible to send their children to the daycare at no cost.

The Student Relations Committee followed with an announcement about their community service project “Big SGA, Little SGA.”

The FAMU Developmental Research School will be using FAMU ‘s senate chambers, Monday, Oct. 15 at 4:30 p.m., to hold their student government association meeting. FAMU’s Senate will be teaming up with DRS’s SGA to supervise the upcoming DRS meeting. Subsequent to the DRS meeting, DRS’s SGA will observe the 37th Senate’s meeting.

The meeting ended with the senate mentioning auditions for the Coleman Library Talent Showcase, which will begin Friday, Oct. 19 from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m., and Saturday Oct. 20 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Sign-up sheets for auditions are available in the senate chambers.