Support home games

Some of Florida A&M University’s students lack Rattler pride. This is evident in the low turnout at home football games.

According to, The 2007 Atlanta Classic attracted 57,885 screaming fans, which included a significant amount of FAMU students. That’s odd in comparison to the FAMU students who attend home games.

Bragg Stadium can seat 25,500 people and students did not fill half of that number during the past two home games.

Why is it so hard to attract FAMU students to home football games?

Some students say that it is too hot, others say that they have better things to do. This is our school and if we do not cheer for our own team, who will?

It is time for us to show school pride and attend rattler events such as home football games. We need to show the community and those who do not want to see us succeed that we are here to fight until the end.

Increasing the attendance at home football games will show the community, faculty, staff and alumni that students still support our school, 100 percent.

Before getting ready to attend a home game, students, let us keep some things in mind.

Home football games are not a fashion show. Football games are meant to show school pride. So wear your FAMU paraphernalia. If you do not own any FAMU gear, there are many vendors who sell rattler clothing on Wahnish Way during the game. If you prefer to wear official FAMU clothing, our local bookstore sells official Rattler attire.

However, if your funds are low and you want to keep it simple, a solid orange or green T-shirt will do.

Furthermore, in preparing to show FAMU pride, please do not leave after the halftime performance. The show is not over once the band stops playing!

Even if our team does not win every game, we should still be supporting them with great attendance and by being active at the football game.

Participate in chants; do the wave; shake your pom-poms; shout; yell; and scream. It’s a football game! The atmosphere is intended to be loud.

The next home football game is on Oct. 18 at 7 p.m. against Norfolk State University. I challenge all students to come to this game with rattler pride and wear FAMU clothing.

If this football season does not fit your schedule or you prefer to attend other sports. That’s fine. I encourage all students to attend all the other sport events that FAMU has to offer because they need your support too.

Always remember that without the students, there is no FAMU.

Emerald Smart is a senior public relations student from Tampa. She can be reached at