Jones runs into controversy

We would hate to be Marion Jones right now.

The track star and seven time gold medal winner, three of which were awarded at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, admitted to taking the performance enhancing steroid, ‘the clear,’ Thursday.

In 2003 the Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative was investigated for supplying several high profile athletes with the same steroid.

In a 2004 article in the San Francisco Chronicle, BALCO founder Victor Conte admitted to providing performance-enhancing drugs to Jones and other top athletes. However, Jones denied using the drug. In her testimony to federal investigators, Jones vehemently denied using it and was cleared.

So why did Jones decide to ‘come clean’ four years later?

Did she expect some huge wave of public sympathy? She must be insane.

Jones has now officially inducted herself into ‘the most disliked sports figures hall of shame.’ Her mug will probably hang right beside Barry Bonds’.

It’s real funny how all these stars never know when they’re being given drugs. Are they that na’ve? We think not.

If you were performing at a sub par level prior to your coach giving you that ‘magic mixture,’ in Jones’ case flaxseed oil, and all of a sudden you’re moving like Flash Gordon, maybe something is not quite right.

Jones now faces the possibility of having not only her five Olympic medals taken from her but also her credibility. But wait; no, she has already lost that.

Many young black female athletes, and in general black people, have looked up to Jones as a role model. Jones has betrayed this ideal.

It is fit that she has chosen to shelve her ‘spikes.’ Retirement is the best option for Jones, because this is one trouble she will never be able to out run.

Jhenelle Johnson for the Editorial Board.