Career center places focus on resumès

Florida A&M University’s Career Center will host a resume seminar on Oct. 10 at 3 p.m. for those in need of help with resume building skills.

The seminar will take place in the career center in hopes of teaching students how to prepare a resume.

In trying to prepare for the seminar, Delores Dean, director of FAMU’s Career Center, said her staff has formed a common classroom presentation to inform students of what an employer expects.

The seminar is open to all majors and classifications. Dean said students who do not know what a resume is or how to write one, are encouraged to attend.

She explained how useful it would be for students to take advantage of the opportunity to attend.

“A resume helps students look good on paper,” Dean said. “A lot of students don’t know how or what to write on a resume. Coming from high school they may not know whether or not to include sports and church activities or that they worked at McDonalds.”

However, some students disagree.

Veronica Whiting, 19, a sophomore criminal justice student from Houston, said the seminar does not seem to be a necessity.

“It is often times difficult to know the correct format for a resume, but I used the information from my employers and mentors for my technique and format in my resume,” Whiting said. “I want to best represent my self and stand out among the rest.”

Netsanet Abebe, 22, a senior allied health sciences student from Tallahassee, said using the career center as a resource of information can be beneficial.

Abebe recommends that students utilize the career center’s services.

“Go to the seminar because it gives you more incite then you would think,” Abebe said. “I went to a resume seminar my freshman year and it proved to be very beneficial… [especially] when you get that good paying internship based on the professionalism of your resume.”

Dean said her goal is to increase the number in attendance and she encourages students to attend for individual assistance.

“Very few students attend, that’s why we encourage as many students as possible to attend,” Dean said. “Students should come to the career center as soon as possible and prepare from day one for an error free resume. If they need one on one help, they have that option and we can assist them according to their needs.”

For more information on the resume’ seminar at FAMU’s career center, contact Delores Dean at 599-3700.