DRS Rattlers kick off Homecoming

It was an exciting week at Florida A & M University’s Developmental Research School; the baby rattlers celebrated their 2007 Homecoming Week.

The welcoming Rattler spirit was alive and well at the high school. Classroom doors were vibrantly decorated orange and green reflecting this year’s theme, “Feel the Fang, It’s a Rattler Thang!” The media center showcased a plethora of student art, and each day of the week encouraged themed attire, allowing students to swap their everyday uniform for business casual, preppy ’70s, and of course, orange and green.

The DRS Rattlers kicked off the week with a Student Government Association Inauguration ceremony Monday. Tuesday, FAMU DRS alumni were encouraged to come back for “Alumni Day”. Alumni were welcomed in room 103 of the pharmacy building for convocation. Wednesday evening, the students honored Miss. FAMU DRS for coronation. Thursday was filled with activities from “Baby Rattler Idol” to “A Rattler Nite Out”.

While homecoming may be exciting for some, other students are not showing much enthusiasm.

Arisha Jones, 14, a ninth grader who will be directing traffic for the parade said she is not really that excited.

“It’s not really fun this year,” Jones said. “We could have a lot more pep rallies and powder puff games.”

Kendrick Durant, 17, a twelfth grade football player was only excited about the football game. When asked if he would be participating in any events this year, Durant said, “I may wear orange and green on Friday.”

However, senior John Ford, an Army Junior Reserves Officer Training Corps instructor and Homecoming chairman, said he is excited Homecoming every year. He has been Homecoming chairman for 11 years.

“It’s my love for the children to see them dressed in orange and green and having fun,” said Ford, an alumnus of FAMU DRS. “My favorite event this year will be the coronation.”

Not only is he charged with the task of organizing Homecoming Week for the school, but Ford also builds the floats for the homecoming parade.

“I’ve got three to work on today,” Ford said.

The week has always been modeled after the university’s Homecoming, according to Ford, everything from the coronation for Miss FAMU High to the tailgate party for the game. This year, the DRS Rattlers are borrowing another technique to help improve the Homecoming parade.

“Our JROTC will set up the parade the way FAMU does it,” said Sergeant Gregory L. Shoats, this year’s parade coordinator.

While Shoats said four or five of the JROTC students will actually be performing color guard in the parade, the rest of the students will be directing traffic and deciding the parade’s order.

“We want to make sure everything goes like clockwork,” said Shoats.

The DRS Rattlers football game will be against Aucilla Christian School tonight at 7:30 p.m. at Bragg Memorial Stadium.