Keyshia Cole tackles heartache in new CD

Keyshia Cole’s sophomore album “Just Like You” is based on problems that come with relationships. Straying away from her previous platinum-certified debut album “The Way It Is,” Cole has a big name producers like Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, Bryan-Michael Cox and Scott Storch just to name a few.

The album starts off with the refreshing hit single, “Let it go,” featuring Lil Kim and Missy Elliott.

When you thought rhythm and blues no longer existed, track two, “Didn’t I Tell You,” reminds listeners that R&B has never been forgotten. The track has an upbeat tempo featuring gritty rapper, Too Short, who uses uplifting versus for Ms. Cole. He says, “I know you heard, she changed her mind/ I’m about to tell you why/She aint staying at the house/She going out.”

The next track, “Fallin’ Out,” can be confusing to listeners because the hook said she is slowly falling in love with a guy who doesn’t appreciate her. She cries out: “I’m slowly falling out baby/ I’m tripping on silly things/Boy, I need you to meet me half way if you want me to be with you.”

Although, the track can be confusing, the beat is hot.

“I Remember,” is about the feeling of being alone in a relationship. She sings “I remember when I walked out/I remembered when I gave up loving you/My heart couldn’t take no more of you/So sad and lonely.”

Cole creates a turn around from singing pain-filled tunes to pointing out the need to have someone who loves you.

In “Heaven Sent,” she says “When love won’t let you walk away/And cant help who you love/And you find yourself giving it away when you think your in love”

She may throw listeners for a loop on “Just Like You,” which has nothing to do with relationships. It’s about self-worth and empowerment. She goes on to mention several times in this track that she’s normal and “just like you.”

She sneaks in the song of the summer, “Last Night,” featuring music mogul P. Diddy. The beat excites listeners, but the lyrics are still disheartening. She yelps “I’m yearning for your touch/Come and set me free/ Forever yours I’ll be. Baby, won’t you come and take my pain away.”

If you are going througha breakup or if you are having relationship problems, this is the best album for you. The production is good, but the songs are all consistent with the same topic. Most people will have questions left after listening to the album. The album is more directed towards women than to men.

Cole may need to be more versatile and creative with he topics. I got a little bored.