Jill back for third time with ‘The Real Thing’

In the beginning we traveled with Jill Scott on a quest to find love. In 2004, she found love and listeners discovered how ‘Beautifully Human’ she’s become.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been three years since the release of Jill Scott’s sophomore studioalbum “Beautifully Human: Words And Sounds Vol. 2.”

But I guess it takes time and experience to create great material – a divorce perhaps?

In the third-installment of her series, “The Real Thing: Words And Sounds Vol. 3,” Scott delivers a chronicle of love, sex, heartache and pain.

The 17-piece musical soapbox opens with the ode to self-realization, “Let It Be.” “I feel trapped inside a box when I just don’t fit into it/Maybe I’ve been scaredknowing what’s?there in front of me/Maybe I been tryin’ to be?what they needed me to be/When I should of just been me.”

This is just a hint of what’s to come on Jill’s journey. “Hate On Me” seems to spotlight the factors leading to the divorce from her husband of nearly six years. Jill steps out of her A-typical light, smooth vocals to a strong, brash and uninhibited form. “If I gave you peaches out of my own garden and I made you a peach cobbler/Would you slap me out/Wonder if I gave you diamonds out of my own womb/Would you feel the love in that?or ask why not the moon.”

Reminiscent of her debut single, “Getting In The Way,” Scott steps out of her comfort zone and confronts listeners with bold and fiery lyrics.

Audiences will find Scott expressing more of her sexual, sensual side. “Crown Royal” exhibits this in high-definition.

“You’re in so deep/I’m breathing for you/You grab my braids arch my back high for?you/Your diesel engine/I’m squirting mad oil…You’re so Crown Royal on ice.”

Here we see Jill showcasing her quite-impressive songwriting skills. Through those skills, Scott shows her vulnerableside- heartache. In the song “How It Make You Feel,” her feelings after a breakup (hint, hint) come full surface. “What if I was going forever/No more chocolate kisses/No nappy dugout ever/No mamma/No daughter/No sister/No sister friends/Tell me my brother/What would become of you then?”

However, she tells listeners not to feel bad for her in “Wanna Be Loved.”

“Don’t feel no pity for me/Cause I’m going through a couple things/Life means change/That’s the way it goes.”

Listeners will gain a deeper understanding and see inside the mind of Jill Scott. The album delivers deep lyrics and concepts relatable to people everywhere.

‘Real Thing’ proves “real” life experiences are a canvas for classic artistry. And a near classic this is.

Other must-listens include”Insomnia,” “Epiphany”and “Celibacy Blues.” Compared to my review of ‘Beautifully Human,’ where I gave Jill an “A”… I take that to a “B.” Vocals, production, versatility and experience. Points to a quality album. With a little more direction and tweaking, it would be a 100-percent perfect record.

Jill has delivered a near perfect performance on this…third-time’s the charm. The album should be cleverly titled, “Emancipation of Ji Ji.”