“Royal Flush” omits males

Florida A&M University’s Recreation Center has started a new program called Royal Flush, which caters to female students. The program offers exclusive use of the recreation center during certain hours, nutrition classes, individual weight training and rhythmic movement training.

The Royal Flush program, which is themed, “Empowering the FAMU Women,” was designed to motivate female students, while creating a supportive network and bonding experience in a gym setting.

The program has been in progress for two weeks. It began Sept. 18, and will continue its trial session through the end of the current semester.

One of the highlights of the women’s workout line up is “Ladies Night.” Each week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the gym will be closed to all males, including staff, from 7p.m. until 9p.m.

“I think this is a great idea. I will definitely go to the gym when there are all girls there,” said Nicole Bruce, 21, a senior sociology student from Miami.

The Royal Flush agenda also includes a “No Nonsense Nutrition” program, which was, “designed to create and nurture an intimate relationship between participants and food,” according to the Royal Flush event flyer.

Female students can also receive counseling on how to fit healthy foods into their diet, the effects different foods have on the body and alternative food preparation.

The Royal Flush event flyer introduces the “Women on Weights” classes. These classes will show female students the value of resistance training and the correct way to use weights.

Other events the Royal Flush flyer names are the Girl Talk Forums that will address women’s weight issues and Rhythmic Movement, which involves spiritual dances from various cultures such as belly dancing.

Although the program’s purpose is to promote health among young women on campus, some male students feel that the special treatment is unfair.

“I think that if they are going to close the gym to males, they need to close it to females sometimes too,” said Napoleon Nevlous, 24, a senior health care management student from Fort Lauderdale.

However, the recreation center staff said that the majority of the population in the gym at any given time is male. Administration at the gym noticed this and wanted to do something to change female student’s perception of working out.

“It’s nothing against the guys, but it’s just a time for girls to just come and get our workout on,” said Sheerie Edwards, Miss FAMU.

The recreation center administration asked the student body president, Monique Gillum, and Miss FAMU to promote the new program. Both ladies said they were happy to support the cause and become the face of this project.

Many of the project’s supporters said they are optimistic about the future and the results of the program.

“So far Royal Flush is starting off small, but I think eventually it will turn into a really big event,” Edwards said.

Edwards also said that a lot of other female students are unconformable about sweating and working out in front of male students.

Because the Royal Flush eliminates this uneasy feeling by getting rid of males, she said females will respond positively and are more likely to attend the events.

The recreation center’s staff has partnered with health care entities, such as Mary Kay and Weight Watchers to help support this cause.

These companies will bring beauty line representatives to give skin care tips and skin care supplies, free food and dieting tips to the program participants.

To get more information about the Royal Flush or to obtain a schedule of all the recreational center’s activities, visit them at the corner of Wahnish Way and Osceola Street or call Chip at (850) 599-3785.