Three runoffs in tight race

After a week of passing out flyers, hanging up posters and hosting various socials, students gathered in front of the Office of Student Activities to await the results of this year’s fall elections.

Last night, the Student Government Association welcomed eight new senators but three positions are still up for grabs. There are run-offs between Rontel Batie and Christopher Brown, Kristopher Gibson and Courtney Atwater for the freshman president and vice-president positions.

Courtney Hampshire and Whitney Moore will also be facing a run-off election for freshman attendant.

A run-off vote will decide the outcome of the graduate attendant position between Jean Oguntade and Stephanie Isaacs.

The following were elected as freshman senators: Nelson German, Martin German, Quintin Haynes, Velencia Witherspoon, Brittney Akins, Sammy Lamy, Shea Brown and Kamilia Landrum.

Rayfield Spires, Carlos Mahaoffoy, Jeremiah McKinley and Derron Bennet filled the three graduate senator spots.

“I am really happy with the results of the elections,” said Shannon Jordan, 18, a freshman allied health student from Washington, D.C. “All of the people that I voted for won the election.”

Senator-elect Velencia Witherspoon, 18, said she hopes to accomplish better communication between the student body and the senate.

“I want to implement a bi-weekly survey and complaint process. There will be drop boxes located in the dorms and in other precincts around campus,” said the freshman chemical engineering student from Jacksonville.

“Right now, there is no guaranteed way to have your opinions heard, unless you go to the meetings or see [senators] on campus. (The surveys) will help communication between the senate and the student body.”

Despite the runoffs, some students who voted said they were pleased with the chosen candidates.

“I was pleased about the outcome of the elections but I was mad that a couple of my friends did not make it,” said Jason Brown, an 18-year-old freshman general studies student from Lakeland.

Like Brown, Payne was satisfied with the election’s results. “I am pretty happy with the outcome of the elections especially with the (presidential) runoff,” said Anrina Payne, an 18-year-old freshman business administration student from Coon Rapids, Minn.

For more information on the fall elections contact the Student Government Association at 599-3624.