Stunna Shades: Oversized sunglasses make a splash in pop culture

The trend of wearing big sunglasses, which is termed as “stunna’ shades,” has become one of the most popular fads for students on the Florida A & M campus.

The late Vallejo, California rapper, Mac Dre, first coined the term “stunna’ shades’. It was used to describe oversized sunglasses that were worn when you were “stuntin,” which is a Bay Area term that means being flashy.

Because of the nationwide exposure of Bay Area culture through the Hyphy movement, which is a term describing Bay Area culture and music including wild dance movements and up-tempo beats with loud bass lines. “Stunna shades” have taken off and become a major trend.

Everyone from the likes of T-Pain to Paris Hilton have told the world that “Stunna shades” are an important part of thier and night attire.

Some students have recently caught on to this trend. Brandon Waller, 20, a junior nursing student from Philadelphia said he wears “stunna’ shades” to complement his style.

“I wear them when I’m trying to look extra fresh”, Waller said. “It’s just something that was programmed into me. I just put them on to look fresh.”

According to, this style of sunglasses is nothing new. Sunglasses became popular after WWII. They were worn mainly by the military to block the sun.

Sunglasses became fashionable because of the pictures that were shown of soldiers wearing sunglasses after WWII. During this time, many people and celebrities, to show off their individual style, wore sunglasses.

Some students wear sunglasses just to enhance their wardrobe.

Tyrone Creale, 20, a junior criminal justice student from Tampa said he wears sunglasses that match his outfit.

“If I’m wearing a tight fit and the glasses go with it then I wear them, it adds to the look,” Creale said.

“Stunna’ shades” are not only used by students to display their personal style, it also allows many students to be incognito when they want to be.

Waller said he wears “stunna’ shades” to hide his eyes in the club.

Similar to the reason Waller gives for wearing sunglasses at night, according to in 14th century China judges used sunglasses. The judges hid their eyes during trials as they believed that their feelings about the case would be revealed.

The song “I wear my sunglasses at night” by Corey Hart, in the early 80’s, popularized the wearing of sunglasses at night.

But, wearing “stunna’ shades” at night does not appeal to everyone. Creale said it doesn’t make sense.

“Its ridiculous to wear sunglasses at night because there is no sun,” Creale said.

Whatever the case, “Stunna shades” have seen a rebirth since they first became popular in the seventies, which just proves the old saying that styles recycle.