New album addresses drug addiction issues

Sixx: A.M.’s album entitled “Heroin Diaries” discloses the reality of a Heroin addict. The tracks are actually from the diaries of an addict.

The second track “Van Nuys” is a confession about the highs and lows of heroin abuse. It allows its listeners to hear how heroin addicts stops caring about their lives, but in reality, they don’t want to die in the streets.

An inspirational third track titled “Life is Beautiful” tells listeners to open their eyes and get back to reality. The song’s listeners find out that Heroin addiction has two ways out, either rehab or death.

“Pray For Me” is the fourth track, which is a cry for help from an addict in love with his girlfriend, who is trying to change his life by making him go to church.

The number six track, “Accidents Can Happen” and track nine, “Heart Failure” deals with relapsing back to heroin, It tells listeners how hard it is to deal with the demons of addiction.

There is a lot of screaming throughout the album, and the vocals seem to be off key at times, but it remains clear.

Overall “Heroin Diaries” is a dedication to the struggles of drug abuse, and it gives listeners an inside look at the impact it has on a person’s life, family, and friends.