“Just Surrender” to revelations on love

Just Surrender’s album “We’re In like Sin,” is a dedication to the trials and tribulations of relationships. It sheds light on relationships from a male’s perspective.

Track number one, “Body Language and Bad Habits” addresses pressing times in a relationship vividly, and track number two; “So Close/ So Alive” is a track about comforting a lover that is going through a hard time.

However, listeners also go through a hard time trying to hear the lyrics clearly because the guitars and drums muffle the vocals.

“If I wanted to cuddle I’d buy a Teddy Bear” is a humorous track about getting intoxicated in a club and having a regrettable one-night stand with an unattractive woman.

“I said it before” and track six, “New Declaration” centers on breaking up and moving on with life.

Colin Ross makes a guest appearance in track eight, “You’d Be In Great Shape If you Ran Like Your Mouth,” and Evy Potter and Chad Gannon also appears on two tracks.

“I’ll Be There” is track eleven, and it uplifts women who struggle to take care of their families.

Track nine, “We’re Like In Sin” lets people know what it’s like to be addicted to a girl, and describes the feelings of not being able to get enough of her.

All in all, it touches on all of the hard times that couples endure in relationships. It sheds a light on relationships from a male’s perspective.