Parking garage conditions undesirable

Everyday at Florida A&M University, over 400 students park their vehicles in the parking garage.

Many students have been complaining about the garage’s condition.

Some of their grievances include pests, overflowing trashcans and excessive fliers scattered throughout the parking garage.

Because of the garages state many students opt not to park there.

Or they park in areas that are not designated for student parking.

“I don’t park in the garage anymore because its way to overcrowded and dust gets on my ride,” said Anise Flerme, 20, an accounting student from Palm Beach.

Flerme is not alone in her view of the cleanliness problems that exist in the parking garage.

Other students feel the same way but still use the garage because of convenience and a lack of parking in other areas of the school.

“My friend got stung by a wasp last year in there [the parking garage],” said Nkechi Ikediobi, 22, a senior healthcare management student from Tallahassee, Florida. “I see flies and other bugs in there all the time from the trashcans.”

Despite the garage’s condition, parking service employees pick up trash in the garage daily.

Employees from the Plant Operations and Maintenance department clean the garage twice a week and once a year the garage is pressure washed.

University officials agree with students’ criticisms about the increasing amount of trash and insects in the garage.

However, employees who aim to ensure that the garage is kept clean feel that the students cause the most damage by not using the trashcans.

“All of the students are not using the trashcans and I think it’s mainly because of night activities,” said Kendall Jones, the physical plant director.

If someone reports an infestation, such as wasps in the garage, it is the responsibility of the Plant Operations and Maintenance to see to the problem.

” If we get a report about an infestation, we will handle these types of situations on a case by case basis,” said Jones. “Usually, we will use an industrial strength spray to kill the wasps and remove the nest a few days later.”

There are nine trashcans in the parking garage. However, many students have said that the trashcans are usually filled with garbage.

Maintenance in the parking garage is funded by student revenue. The parking fee, which is included in tuition covers the garage’s maintenance.

“We get money from the State to clean all our education buildings like classrooms, but everything that is auxiliary has to be self supported,” said Samuel Houston, FAMU director of facility.

Jones said keeping the parking garage clean is possible with the participation of maintenance, parking departments and the students that park inside.

“[Students can help by] ensuring that the trash is put in trash containers as opposed to just throwing it out,” Jones said. “Basically policing behind themselves and that way the only thing you really have to be concerned with is making sure those containers are empty.”

The parking garage was built in 1998 and cost $2.6 million to construct.

To report any maintenance issues concerning the parking garage including, overflowing trash, excessive insects or bugs, malfunctioning lights or any other problems, call the Plant Operations and Maintenance department at (850) 599-5230.