Gunshots fired at Palmetto Phase III

Several shots were fired in the Palmetto area of Florida A&M University’s campus at about 10:55 p.m. on Saturday.

The incident stemmed from a disagreement between those who were attending a social gathering in the Phase III Recreational center.

“It all started as a sweet 16 party,” said Felicia Perry, a junior psychology student.

The 20- year-old resident assistant for Phase III apartments from West Palm Beach said the police were called after an altercation occurred at the party.

“A woman rented the Phase III Assembly Room for her daughter’s party,” Perry said. “A chair was thrown and there was yelling and screaming…so we told everyone to leave.”

Many of the residents of the Palmetto North compin the area detailed the incident.

“First I heard two shots,” said Tacoria Jones, 18, a computer information systems student from Avon Park, Fla. “Everyone ran and then I heard two more.”

After the shooting, residents loitered around the area until William Johnson, resident director for Palmetto North told students to get inside.

Students outside of the Palmetto Complex said they heard everything from a nearby gas station.

“I was at [the] Petro [gas station when] we heard gun shots then I saw a green SUV speed off,” said Jeremy Glover, 19, a music education from Gaston, Ala. “The police were there in like three seconds.”

At 11:48 p.m. e2campus subscribers received a text message that said police were investigating the shooting and discouraged those close by to avoid the area.

Shayla Knighton-Black, 20, a junior chemistry student from Palm Beach said she lives in Palmetto south but heard about the shooting from neighbors and friends.

“I was in my room in palmetto south, then a friend called me and told me because I didn’t hear the shots,” she said.

Dozens of police cars from the Tallahassee Police department and FAMUPD continued to patrol the streets surrounding the campus after the shooting.

“Afterwards I looked outside my window and I saw about four or five police cars at Palmetto north and another five in the back at Phase III.

Students in the area said police started to pull out at about 11:40 p.m. but continued to monitor the area for the rest of the night.

Lt. James Martinez from the Tallahassee Police Department said as soon as the incident in the party occurred FAMUPD called for assistance. Shortly after, a group of teens took off running and shots were fired.

“We made a couple of arrests about 30 minutes into the incident,” Martinez said. “Two of the juveniles apprehended were running somewhere off Osceola.”

Martinez said he was not sure if the shooters were there to attend the party or if they were uninvited guests. Officers said they saw a group of people running off and breaking up into smaller groups.

He also said according to other police officers on site, shots could be heard from more than one direction and they’re speculating more than one weapon was used.

At approximately 12:04 a.m., Officer Sherri Luke, of the FAMU Police department said the area had been cleared and no injuries had been reported.

Then at approximately 12:16p.m. a second text message was sent informing subscribers that FAMU police had the situation under control.

Isaac Brundage, director of housing, was unable to be reached at or before time of print.

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Anyone with information about the shooting, please contact the Tallahassee police department at (850) 891-4200.

Georgia Dawkins contributed to this articled.