Booth Properties update

Student Housing Solutions, University Courtyard and The Pointe at Adam’s Place have offered move-in specials for close to 50 Florida A&M University students, after it was announced seven apartment complexes, formerly owned by Booth Properties, would be closing.

Asset Campus Housing, a management company hired to manage the properties, while they are going through the process of foreclosure, made the decision to close the apartment buildings.

“We do not think it is conducive for students to be living in those [apartments],” said Jamie Thomas, a representative for Asset Campus Housing.

Shortly after the students were told of the news, they organized themselves, along with Student Government Association President Monique Gillum to help find the residents housing.

Gillum said she and County Commissioner Bill Proctor have been calling around to different apartment complexes and several have offered students discounted rates, shorter leases and offered to waive certain fees in order to accommodate students.

The residents have been meeting with the apartment complexes and trying to make arrangements.

“I think it’s an unfortunate situation and [students] have shown great courage and tenacity,” Gillum said.

Some residents are taking the offers by these complexes and others are choosing to find alternative arrangements.

“We found this private place,” said Barbara Charles, 21, a junior broadcast journalism student from Ft. Lauderdale.

“We’re hoping Booth will give our money back so we can make a down payment.”

Charles said it is difficult to move because her apartment at Cottages of Palmer was in such close proximity to campus.

“We planned our class schedule around living so close,” Charles said.

Thomas said if students were in good financial standing with Booth Properties, they would receive their deposits back.

In a letter issued to residents by Thomas, he said residents of the seven Booth Properties have until Oct. 12 to move out or they could be evicted.

Asset Campus Housing made the decision to close the seven properties formerly owned by Booth Properties. Residents will not be evicted unless they refuse to move out by the deadline. In a Sept. 19 issue of The Famuan, the headline for the Booth housing story was incorrect.