Free speech shocked into silence

During a forum Monday at the University of Florida a student was subdued with a Taser when he refused to leave after asking Sen. John Kerry “trouble-seeking” questions.

Is the government hiding something?

For those who have not yet seen the video on CNN, the student was asking Kerry about a book that claimed there was a “disenfranchisement of black voters in Florida and Ohio.” A UF police officer then told the student “that’s enough” and proceeded to turn his microphone off.

The video then shows the officers holding the student down and using a Taser on him after he refused to leave.

Why couldn’t the student finish his questioning?

That is what the forum was about; students asking questions and having them answered by the speaker.

Why are tax-paying, American citizens silenced when the topic of conspiracy in the voting process arises?

People should be able to question the very thing that governs them and the government should not withhold information from inquisitive and concerned citizens.

We believe every one should be allowed to ask political figures questions and obtain knowledge that they can use to make future political decisions.

Of course this ideal concept is not that easy.

We encourage every student, faculty member, staff member, and American to challenge your government.

If you have an inclination that something is not correct or if you discover anything is questionable you should address this issue with your government representatives.

We the people elect the governing body, so it is our business to know what is going on.

You have every right to know what lies beneath the surface of our governing system.

Candice T. Montgomery for the Editorial Board