We need to dance to a new beat

“Dance monkey, dance,” can be a common statement when discussing or describing some television shows geared towards blacks.

When perusing the television line , we can only sit back and wonder why most shows for and about blacks are mindless comedies.

There is nothing wrong with a little laughter, but why do blacks always have to be the clown?

We wonder what an extraterrestrial, whose only contact with the earth is television, would think about the human race, blacks specifically?

Would they think that blacks are a serious, strong and united people? Or, would they think blacks are clowns, a people consumed with making everyone else feel comfortable at their own expense?

Though laughter can be very therapeutic, blacks should not be the permanent objects of ridicule on television.

It is okay to provide the masses with a little comedy, but when 90 percent of black shows are comedy-based, there is a problem.

We propose that there should be more medical, law, and educational-based television shows with casts comprised of minorities and whites.

It is not about choosing between minorities or whites; rather, it is about showing that all humans are capable of producing the entire range of human emotions and endeavors. Whether it be comedy or drama.

Television needs to show that blacks are strong-willed, unified and serious.

History has proven time and time again that blacks will not falter.

We need to take some advice from our ancestors and not dance to any tune that is played.

Remember, blacks are descendants of greatness. And we must do our best to honor them and ourselves in our everyday lives.

Katrelle Simmons for the Editorial Board.