SGA bursts into action with annual student social

Students have an opportunity to meet with various on campus organizations and representatives from the student government association tonight at 7 p.m. during the annual SGA Explosion.

The event will take place in the Grand Ballroom and will feature performances by Boyz of Poison, E!picurean Fashion Experience, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Sigma Alpha Iota music sorority, FAMU’s concert and gospel choirs and the ladies of the dance troupe, Torque.

Nadiya Knight, student relations chair for the SGA, is anticipating the event and the chance to introduce student representatives to the students they serve.

“The [explosion] is an informal way for students to get to know SGA officials,” said Knight, 19, a second year agricultural business student from Tallahassee.

During the explosion, display boards will be set up on tables highlighting each branch of student government. Students can learn what each branch does, how it functions and what each group expects from its members.

“A lot of times people want to get involved in SGA but they do not know how or who to talk to,” Knight said. “By attending the explosion, students can meet the staff and find out who they need to talk to in order to get involved.”

Not only will the explosion give students an opportunity to learn more about SGA but it will also give exposure to other groups on campus.

Erica Butler, 19, publicist for the E!picurean Fashion Experience, said she thinks it is wonderful that SGA would allow the modeling troupe to perform, because it shows that SGA is not only concerned with implementing leadership skills, but showcasing other student groups.

Marquis Bryant, liaison for Boyz of Poison, agrees with Butler.

“The members of Boyz of Poison and Torque have much respect for SGA and we are elated to be a part of the SGA explosion,” Bryant said.

By hosting the showcase, SGA hopes that students will be encouraged to get involved around campus.

“Because some students tend to feel intimidated by people involved in SGA, we hope that the event will allow them to have a good time and to feel more comfortable approaching us,” Knight said.

Members of other organizations share the same goals as SGA officials.

“I want [students] to see that we support SGA and student leadership,” Butler said.

As the event approaches, students like Steven Johnson, 19, are eager to attend the event.

“I always wanted to become a part of SGA,” said Johnson, a second year business administration student from Miami. “When I saw the flyers around campus, I thought that this would be a chance for me to see what they are all about.”

Brittney Robinson, 20, has been looking forward to the SGA Explosion ever since she noticed a flyer for the event.

“When I saw the flyers around campus, I knew that [the explosion] was something that I wanted to attend,” said the junior business administration student from Delray Beach.

Food and drinks will be served. For more information regarding the explosion, students may contact Nadiya Knight at