Perfect fit is very hard to find

I know that many of us young curvy women have a hard time finding those jeans that fit perfectly.

Even though it’s hard, we all want to look our best all the time or at least most of time. And purchasing jeans can be a devastating ordeal.

The last time I went shopping for jeans I did what many budget abiding college students do; I went for the rack with the best deals advertised in the clothing store.

Going through the sales rack to find jeans that fit can be a long process.

Either they are too long, too short or just hugging in all the wrong places.

As if finding jeans that fit isn’t difficult enough most jeans are either straight-legged or unfashionable.

Like many other curvy women, I knew that I had to make a monetary decision. I reluctantly traveled to what many consider the expensive section.

Honestly, we all know that the best jeans are the most expensive ones.

I spent nearly one hundred dollars on a pair of perfect jeans.

Despite the cost, we all have to look and feel our best while we are getting our college education, right?

So I took it upon myself to research and help you ladies find the best jeans that will complement your body type, giving you the best shape possible. Monif C., Mimi’s Curvy Corner, D-Cut Jeans, and House of Dereon, are some of the few that cater to curvy women.

Although they are high-priced, jeans that fit curvy women are worth every penny.

Jeans supplied by these designers intend to mold the shape of our naturally curvy bodies.

Designers such as House of Dereon provide room for your hips and buttocks and are fitted at the waistline.

According to an article written by Nike Sotade, a writer for “The Guardian,” a Nigerian newspaper, “A lot of jeans are made for a straight figure and curvy women get left out, but there are certain cuts that work…

Sotade also said that a “slight stretch allows the denim to hug your curves and give you a nicer shape than a pair of rigid jeans.”

She advised that curvy women should “look for jeans that … don’t gape at your waist and give you more room through the hips and butt.”

Perhaps with the few pointers given, maybe we all can glide across “The Set” occasionally to showcase our perfectly fitted jeans.

Now that you know what jeans to purchase to fit your figure, hopefully you will be able to dedicate more time to studying and less time to shopping for those perfect jeans.

Priscilla Blow is a junior broadcast journalism major from Jacksonville, Fla. She can be reached at