The Reaction: MTV Video Music Awards

Students who watched the Sunday broadcast of the MTV Video Music Awards said, “It seemed like a party on TV.” And other students said they were shocked at the decline and quality of the broadcast over the years.

Robyn Dean, 20, a junior nursing student from Tallahassee was one of six students who were interviewed for their reactions to the VMAs, one of the most watched shows for those aged 12 to 34, according to Nielsen television ratings.

Dean said she also did not like the setting of the VMA awards.

“It really didn’t seem like an award show,” Dean said. “It seemed like a party on TV, and I just didn’t want to see people partying like that.”

In 2004, the VMAs attracted about 10.3 million viewers, down from 10.7 million the previous year according to the Nielsen television ratings. In 2005, the VMAs was down more 2 million, and in 2006, according to the Washington post, the VMAs saw a 31 percent drop among cable viewers. The awards show has been declining in viewers over the past years.

The three hour long program featured performances by Kanye West, 50 Cent, Justin Timberlake, and TI in their own individual suites at the Las Vegas Palms hotel. The performances were transmitted by video satellite to an audience around the world.

Derek Gabin, 19, a sophomore general studies student from Fort Myers said he would have preferred if the performances were on-stage, rather than in different hotel suites.

“If I was in the audience I’d be mad I paid all that money,” Gabin said. “You’re only seeing part of the show.”

Unlike Robinson, Clayton, 20, an elementary education student from Jacksonville said the performances in the suites were different.

Clayton said overall he liked the new presentation. He mentioned the absence of a host, which he thought showed the difference in previous shows.

“They were real creative,” Clayton said. “They had performances in hotel suites.”

Chris Brown was one of the few performers who performed live on stage at the VMAs and not via satellite.

Clayton said the best performance was Chris Brown’s. He said the singer did a good impersonation of Michael Jackson.

“Chris Brown surprised me,” Clayton said. “I think he did really well, he was the highlight of the show.”

Unlike Clayton, Dean said she did not like the scattered performance of Chris Brown.

“I didn’t like how Chris Brown did snippets of the songs,” Dean said. “He did about 5 snippets.”

The VMAs not only shocked students with its performances, but the Kid Rock and Tommy Lee fight was also a shocker.

Robinson said the Kid Rock and Tommy Lee fight at the VMAs was a publicity stunt.

“I think a lot of stuff that happens these days are publicity stunts,” Robinson said. “Kid Rock is irrelevant in terms of music; he hasn’t had a song out in forever.”

She also addressed the standoff between Kanye West and 50 Cent.

“The whole Kanye West and 50 Cent battle was straight publicity,” Robinson said. “They had commercial time to make people buy their album.”

Victoria Milton, 20, a junior finance student from Fort Lauderdale said the MTV awards was just a place where celebrities did outrageous things to get attention.

“I think that the MTV video music awards were better back in the day,” Milton said. “They didn’t do stupid stuff like kiss girls.”

When Brittany Spears opened the VMAs in 2003 and kissed Madonna, it was a shocker. Many students expected another shocker from her opening performance.

Robinson said Brittany Spears looked out of shape.

“Brittany Spears performance was horrible,” Robinson said.” It looked like [a] rehearsal.”

After the Brittany Spears performance, Robinson said she expected more from a MTV awards opener. She expected more from the VMAs after watching the Bet awards in June.

“I think the Bet awards were better rehearsed,” Robinson said. “The MTV awards had microphone issues.”

Milton said the VMAs were average.

“They usually do above and beyond,” Milton said. “No one did anything spectacular.”