Students need to utilize the polls

When financial issues are discussed in Tallahassee, the accusatory finger is usually pointed at Florida A&M University.

However, it is not FAMU that is under scrutiny this time. The finances of the state are. How can this University’s leaders, administrators and, more importantly, its students begin to solve existing financial problems, when the state sets such a bad example?

The Florida Budget Commission, comprised of state senators and representatives, discussed Monday why the state faces a $2.5 billion deficit during the next two years. The reason for the deficit is that the state’s expected revenue fell short.

The commission decided the best course of action would be increased budget cuts, words that FAMU is well acquainted with.

According to the Miami Herald, Gov. Charlie Crist said last Wednesday he would try to avoid cuts to education and public safety. In a letter to Senate President Ken Pruitt and House Speaker Marco Rubio, Crist stated he wants to increase funding to the building and construction industry in an effort to stimulate economic growth.

We have a say in what goes on with these budgets. College students do not realize that along with the right to “get it poppin” in the club, turning 18 gives us the right to vote.

It is anticipated that more young voters will vote in the upcoming presidential elections because they may get a chance to make history, by electing the first woman or black to office.

But who is leading our cities and states?

We need to get involved in local elections so that when city officials make a budget cut, we can trust that it is in our best interest.

Christine Thomasos for the editorial board.