Americans should value unity

The six-year anniversary of September 11 has just passed. Many people may have remembered, but are these same people still as united as they had been during this tragedy?

It seems as though Americans only want to come together when disaster strikes.

Why do we need tragedy to unite?

Is unity such a confusing concept?

We are so used to seeing negativity we forget the good side of things.

Yesterday, people treated September 11 as just another day.

The patriotic expressions seen on so many faces after the attacks did not exist yesterday. There were not even any U.S. flags sticking on cars. The news barely covered the catastrophe of September 11 in days leading up to the anniversary.

Where is the unity?

We do not care about each other like we should.

We look past the homeless when they ask for change and we even keep quiet when we see a crime occurring.

The only thing we really thrive on in America is segregation and categorization.

How come we cannot just be Americans instead of blacks, Chinese, or Pakistanis?

Most other countries do not have these separations among races. But we, the “assumed” role model for other nations, do.

Americans should practice unity everyday and not just when tragedy strikes.

It is time that we, as Americans, reevaluate our lives and truly become “one nation under god.”

Latasha Edwards for the Editorial Board.