Respect is a must, students deserve it

In the business world it is a known fact that the way a business treats its customers is a key deciding factor on its success.

As customers when we are disrespected we usually do not revisit. And, when we are not appreciated we cease our interaction with that business.

Florida A&M University should take notice.

I keep hearing people denounce FAMU alumni for not reaching back and giving to the school that gave them a college education.

Can you blame them?

When a school treats its students like a burden, second-class citizens, visitors at best, students do not look back. By the time they receive a degree they are glad to close that chapter in their life.

I love FAMU, but FAMU needs to do better about how it treats its most prized possessions, the students.

With the exception of this semester, financial aid was never on time. Along with getting financial aid late, you would get the runaround and a bad attitude from employees.

We can never find parking, and when we do, it is usually accompanied with a headache that comes in the form of a ticket or getting towed to the furthest spot in Tallahassee known to man.

Officials do not believe in answering or returning our calls. And, when professors are tardy it is a mistake but when students are tardy we are told to leave.

Too many FAMU employees do not understand the source of their income, the students, and as such they do not respect us.

FAMU should never bend over backwards and let the students dictate, but we should get more respect than we currently do.

It is not wise to bite the hand that feeds you.

On the other hand, just being bit is a blessing for some students, since a lot of times FAMU emotionally scars its students for life.

These issues need to be resolved because many future FAMU alumni have concluded that FAMU praiseworthy.

Technically, we do not sign the administration’s checks but how will they get paid if we all decide to pack up and leave one day and say to you-know-where with FAMU?

Their priorities are mixed up.

Professors are too busy kissing up to the deans and the deans are too busy trying to impress the president.

Impress the front row of your 10a.m. class by not ending class early!

Why is administration all smiles when their boss is around and all frowns when they interact with the students.

The students are the most essential part of FAMU.

FAMU needs us, so start acting like it.

Siraaj Sabree is senior newspaper journalism from Miami. He can be reached at