Iraq withdrawal is overdue

After President Bush’s recent indication that he may decrease the U.S military presence in Iraq, there was a collective sigh of relief among many Americans.

Family members, soldiers and even Congress could finally see the end of a four-year nightmare of insurgent attacks and civilian deaths.

Congress is still grappling over numbers that would secure the eminent decrease in troop levels.

A recent defense intelligence report released to Congress indicated that Iraqi people are just as unsafe as they were six months ago. The lack in progress could give Congress the overwhelming impression that the war should end if it wasn’t for Bush’s assertions that the results of the report are skewed and inaccurate.

The questioning of the report has left Congress confused, and consequently unable to effectively make a decision about the war.

Such confusion should not exist in Congress when an issue as prodigious as the war in Iraq presents itself. The colorful charts may not tell the whole story. But the narratives from families who have lost loved ones will always exist. Even a glance at the daily news will reveal that the United States’ occupation in Iraq should come to an end.

When lives are at stake, quick decisions should follow soon thereafter.

Enough with the charts, numbers, and analyzing. What the American and Iraqi public need is swift action that will allow the war to end amicably and be mutually satisfying for both countries.

Akeem Anderson for the Editorial Board.