Confirmations rule Senate meeting

In the 37th Senate meeting on Thursday evening, the senate confirmed a host of positions in the judicial branch and confirmed a bill in the finance code of the senate journal.

According to SB07F-001, in the senate journal, campus organizations must now request A&S funds seven weeks in advance.

In the past, students have had three to four weeks for their requests to be processed. But a few university procedures have been changed since then. The university now takes 25 days to process requests of this nature.

The Senate also confirmed seven justices in the judicial and traffic court. Each justice gave a two-minute introduction followed by a ten-minute question and answer period from the senators.

Then the justices gave a two-minute closing. The senators then debated the pros and cons of confirming these justices into their positions.

Magalie Yacinthe, 21, was confirmed as chief justice and Thaddeus Welch, 20, was confirmed as associate chief justice.

“Since my freshman year I have felt that it is my destiny to fulfill some type of purpose as chief justice,” said Yacinthe.

Yacinthe, said that she “feels very qualified because of her past experiences (with the judicial branch).” ” I hope that students will use the judicial branch for the right reasons,” she said.

Welch, a biology student from Miami, has three years experience with the judicial branch and says that he plans to keep business separate from his personal relationships.

“We cannot afford to give hook-ups to everyone,” said Welch. He began his career in the judicial branch as defense council and since then he has worked his way up the ladder. “It’s natural to want to go higher,” he said.

After Welch’s confirmation he thanked the Senate and said that he looks forward to continuing his work with SGA.

Other Justices confirmed include Kashif Smiley-Clark, associate supreme justice; Dominique Bercy, attorney general; Keenan Williams, precinct supervisor; John and several others. Every confirmation was passed with more than two-thirds vote.

“I am confident that they will do a great job!” said Mellori Lumpkin, Senate President. “This was one of the smoothest confirmations since I have been on the Senate, added the native of Bainbridge, Ga.