We will continue to press on

SJGC 3081. The office is not that large. And after recent budget cuts its occupancy has been tapered. The white letters scrawled across the glass sliding doors tells you where you stand. This is where the voice of Florida A&M continually echoes. This is the Famuan- a hub of journalistic excellence.

After 100 years of service, The Famuan has become a heralded news publication that provides students, alumni, and faculty with their news. And I, as editor in chief was charged with not only continuing the legacy of greatness, but to elevate the newspaper to new heights. I’m proud to say to the Rattler community that the Famuan staff welcomes this prodigious challenge with open arms and eager pens.

This summer the Famuan, like many other entities of FAMU, suffered through financial wounding that robbed us of half of our staff. The cut could have proved to be devastating. Instead, it served as a rally cry for the voice of our campus to be louder and for the remaining staff members to work harder than ever.

Sacrifice has and always will be synonymous with being a member of the Famuan. Often times the pursuit of truth means late nights and a few missed meals. But our eyelids sag and stomachs growl for you, FAMU.

Change has been the ubiquitous theme of the 2007-2008 school year. The University has ushered in the regime of a new president. Flawed university operations are undergoing scrutiny and modifications. New policies. New students. New members of the university staff.

And as for here in the Famuan, there is a new team of journalists eager to cover the aforementioned changes with fervor and dignity-all from SJGC room 3081.

Akeem Anderson for the Editorial Board.