Conservation is key

Southern Californians have been burning up for more than a week after excessive strain on their power grid caused power outages for thousands.

What would we do if we were forced to live through this Tallahassee heat for a week without air conditioning? How many people would become hospitalized or die from the heat?

There is this saying, “If you do not think about the heat, you will not be hot.”

We do not know how much truth is in that statement but we would not advise anybody to rely on it. It is hard to focus on anything when the heat is unbearable, and as college students we need to be focused.

A weeklong power outage would not be healthy physically or mentally. If the heat does not cause us to pass out, the absence of electricity might drive us all to insanity.

A few tips to keep us from being in a similar predicament like Southern California is to set your thermostat higher-75 degrees will not kill you- and stay away from using major appliances prior to sunset. These two pointers will reduce some of the strain on our power grid.

The walks to and from classes are all the heat we should have to endure. All other encounters with the heat should be voluntary, not forced due to lack of power.

Nobody wants to see a rise in heat strokes in Tallahassee. So please do us all a favor and do your part in alleviating stress on our power grid.

Siraaj Sabree for the Editorial Board.