Book takes readers from the street to the sky

It is hard to believe that sex, drama, religion, and poetry can all be elements of the same book, but Geavonnie Frazier managed this feat in his new novel “After-Hours Girls.”   

Frazier, crowned the ‘Prince of Street-Lit,’ proves that all urban tales are not filled with purposeless raunchiness. In “After-Hours Girls” two best friends discover the rewards and consequences of getting involved in Detroit’s nightlife.

The main characters Lisa and Tosha discover the freedom of being 21-years-old and the dangers of taking advantage of this freedom.

Lisa is a spoiled and arrogant young woman who refuses to listen to anybody. She is known for her promiscuity and gold digging ways.

However, she is forced to realize that things will not always go her way, as her bad decisions start catching up to her.

Tosha is bi-racial, and has trouble accepting this aspect of herself. She deals with domestic violence as a result and makes poor decisions while trying to follow Lisa’s lead.

Their friendship is tested when their ‘gold digging’ gets them into trouble and turns into the craziest night of their lives. They get involved with sex, drugs, violence, and religion.

The story is written with multiple endings, so the reader can choose their own adventure. Each choice given to the reader drastically alters the outcome of each girl’s life.

In every given scenario, Frazier manages to present his readers with important life lessons.

Throughout the book, Frazier also shows off his love of poetry through the perspective of various characters. This gives the reader an in-depth look at the emotions of some characters, and the reasoning behind some of their decisions.

  At the end of his book, Frazier apologizes to black women in a touching poem. He also provides information for young women to get help if they are going through situations ‘similar to his characters.’

Although the book is centered on two young women who live inappropriate lifestyles, it also has religious undertones.

Lisa and Tosha are given the opportunity to turn to God on more than one occasion but the reader has to make the right choice in order for that to happen.

“After-Hours Girls” puts a refreshing new twist on urban fiction, and Geavonnie Frazier is definitely a creative thought-provoking author on the rise.

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