Katrina Remembered

Two years ago Hurricane Katrina ripped through New Orleans creating floodwaters that nearly obliterated the once vibrant city.

Let us sit back and reflect on what it all meant.

We should not let such a catastrophic event go by without taking something from it. So, what lesson can we get from this tragedy?

Katrina stripped people down to nothing. It made those who lived through it and everyone who witnessed it appreciate the bare essentials. We take for granted things like drinkable water and shelter, but two years ago everything was a big deal. We often times forget how blessed and fortunate we are, especially as people living in America.

Sure things are not perfect, they never have been. Some say times get rougher every year-Crime is rising while morality is declining. Despite all that we still have a lot to be grateful for.

So what if your spouse dumped you, your car got repossessed, or your landlord just gave you an eviction notice, it could be worse.

Think about the trials and tribulations the people of New Orleans went through two years ago. I cannot imagine losing my home, neighborhood, family and friends all at once. We should look at today as a time to be thankful for what we have because tomorrow is not promised to us.

The people of New Orleans lost everything except life itself, and that is enough to be thankful for.

Siraaj Sabree for the Editorial Board.