Hold new president accountable

In the past few years, FAMU has been in the worst state it has ever been. But on July 2, hope arrived on the highest of seven hills.

James H. Ammons took the reigns as the University’s 10th president and was given the task of restoring financial stability and improving communication efforts between administrators and faculty.

Since his arrival, his main goal for his administration is to achieve compliance before the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, the regional accrediting association, returns in October to address the “internal control issues.”

According to an interview with the St. Petersburg Times, Ammons plans to focus on three key areas: cash and missing property; board governance, revising and reviewing policies; and procedures.

As students here at “The Hill” we are 100 percent behind President Ammons, and the decisions that he will make toward the betterment of the colleges and schools here at FAMU.

But we will also hold the President and his administration accountable to the promises he has made publicly to the FAMU community. If the Ammons administration promises net checks and paychecks on a certain date, we will expect to receive those net checks and pay checks on that date.

We understand that the entire situation will not be changed overnight. But after seeing the confidence that our current President carries and the spirit of the Rattler that he possesses, many students are hopeful that the future of FAMU will indeed be brighter.

In Ammon’s written address to the staff members at FAMU he said, “In the vernacular, we say, ‘handle your business.”

As the voice of FAMU, The Famuan says to you President Ammons, “handle your business.”

Brent Hatchett for the Editorial Board.