FAMU Connection sings University’s praises

FAMU Connection hit the stage Tuesday night to embrace the new and old students with orange and green pride.

“They were very vivacious and had energy out the roof,” said Marjua Estevez,19, a sophomore year magazine production student from Tampa.

Not only did they perform a hit gospel song, “The Best is Yet to Come,” they also took the opportunity to inform the audience of the strong, rich history of Florida A&M University.

The FAMU Connection has dedicated itself to informing, entertaining and encouraging the students that have proudly chosen this institution for a higher education.

Libeth Sanchez said she did not know what to expect from the FAMU Connection before they performed.

“I had no idea that it would so be interesting and fulfilling,” said Sanchez, a sophomore pharmacy candidate from Fort Lauderdale.

“I learned a lot about this school that I had no idea about.”    

The FAMU Connection even took the opportunity to name several notable alumni and many organizations FAMU has to offer. The performance gave students a brighter and very broad outlook on how they could get involved on campus, regardless if it is through music, dancing, singing or reciting poetry.

Ajsia Warmack said members of any age group could enjoy the show.

“They seemed to have a family-based foundation,” said Warmack, 19, a sophomore business administration student from Atlanta. “I thought it was a great show. I love to sing, and it’s just one of those organizations that you want to be a part of.”

 The FAMU Connection has been used as a recruitment tool in the past for FAMU. Now that the theater group is back, many people hope it continues to raise recruitment like it did in years before.