Believers should hate sin, not sinner; fallen minister is in need of prayer not judgment

Outrage and disappointment consumed my mind when I heard the news about Prophetess Juanita Bynum and her husband, Bishop Thomas Weeks. A friend of mine called to tell me about their brawl in a hotel parking lot, but I laughed it off thinking that she was just pulling my leg.

I challenged her and told her to send me the link so that I could read it for myself. The story confirmed that Bishop Thomas Weeks had beaten his wife in a hotel parking lot in Atlanta. I still did not want to believe it, but the source had posted pictures of Bynum’s bruises. Looking at those pictures just pierced my heart.

As I read the story online so many questions ran through my head. How could this happen in the church? What was he thinking? What will happen to their ministries?

My initial reaction was to be upset with him. The thing that really made me furious was the fact that he hid from the law. That showed me that he is a coward, and that is not being a man and definitely not a man of God. Even Jesus turned himself in to authorities, and he was not even guilty. However, my father always taught me to hate the sin and not the person. So, instead of hating him, I prayed for both of them.

I wondered how many people put their faith in these two religious icons and now questioned their faith in God because of this unfortunate incident.

Questioning God was never my reaction, and I do not think it is fair to question their ministries because they made mistakes that just happened to be broadcast around the world.

People definitely set a higher standard for the leaders of mega-churches and worldwide ministries. It is not right because they are still human beings, and we all make mistakes. Fortunately, our mistakes are not shared with the world.

My initial reaction was to pray for them because, although I have never met her, like many people I feel some form of closeness to her having followed her ministry for so many years. Many of the messages she has preached have hit very close to home for me. I have heard her testimony, I have followed her ministry for as long as I can remember, and I watched their wedding on television.

Although I doubt that the two of them will stay together, no one ever knows what God has planned. Divorce is a huge issue in the body of Christ. The divorce rate is higher among Christians than any other group in America, and I just think that is so sad.

Christians are supposed to be the ones that set the example for those around them. Some people have really good reasons for divorcing, but for the most part I believe that people are not trying. They want everything in life to be easy but that is not the case. I have learned that if I really want something then I have to work hard for it.

I just wish people would not give up so easily. I believe that if they were truly praying for their situations, then they would continue to wait on God until He does something. It is so sad that things had to happen for Bynum And Weeks the way they did, but I will continue to pray for them, and I wish them the best.

Georgia Dawkins is a sophomore broadcast journalism student from Sebring. She can be reached at