‘Marching 100’ turns ‘Real Yellow Pages’ orange and green

Florida A&M University’s Marching 100 recently performed with Prince at the Super Bowl XLI, they took a trip to Paris and now their next stop could be your living room.

Tuesday afternoon, AT&T announced that the Marching 100 would be featured on the covers of its “Real Yellow Pages” phone directories.

The directories feature resident, business and government contact information. The books, also known as phone books, are provided to residents free of charge.

The Marching 100 will be on an estimated 385,000 copies in the Tallahassee area. The picture features a photo of the marching band performing with “precision and accuracy.”

Not only will the band be featured on the cover of the regular sized phone books, but the Marching 100 will also be featured on the portable version of the book.

The decision to place the band on the cover had much to do with FAMU’s values.

“We really like to partner with someone who has a strong influence on the community,” said Barb Orton a Regional Sales Manager at AT&T. “We really wanted to recognize the (bands) commitment to the community and the state.”

FAMU isn’t the only school to appear on the cover. Last year, Florida State University was also featured.

After the unveiling of the Yellow Page covers, AT&T presented covers to Col. Ronald Joe, executive director of the FAMU foundation, Shelby Chipman, associate director of the marching band, and Athletic Director Nelson Townsend.

“We’re excited about the partnership with AT&T,” said LaNedra Carroll, director of Public Affairs. Carroll, who was also given a framed cover, said, “This (accolade) brings it home for us, so it’s great.”

“It’s just a reminder of the excellence that enumerates at Florida A&M University,” Carroll added.

Although it is the end of the summer, 19 band mates were able to perform at the ceremony for the unveiling.

Michael Scott, head drum major of the Marching 100, has played in the band for four years. He said this was another great experience for the band and the university.

“It’s always an honor to see the accomplishments and the hard work that you do pay off in the end,” said the 24-year-old music education student.

Julian White, the Marching 100 band director, and University President James Ammons were both unable to attend the unveiling.

“These students work hard and it’s good to see the community recognizing us in a positive manner because the university has been going through adversities,” Chipman said.

Last year, the university was featured inside of the Yellow Pages. The local and statewide exposure resulted from the business sponsorship with AT&T Real Yellow Pages and the FAMU Athletic Department.

The AT&T produces “Real Yellow Pages” directories in 22 states.