Most Memorable Moments of the Spring Semester

The following are the most memorable moments of the spring semester according to the Famuan staff.

1. FAMU’s $33 million deficit and continual administrative troubles.

2. Two members of the Alpha Xi Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi being convicted.

3. Kyle “C-Note” Washington calling to impeach SGA President Phillip B. Agnew.

4. Ammons being selected as the new university president.

5. Campus wide strikes due to non-payment of faculty, staff and students.

6. Marching 100 performing with Prince at the Super Bowl.

7. Cyrah Hawkins, who was impeached as Mr. FAMU, running for position as SGA President.

8. Controversy surrounding the “FAMU Set Fridays” blog spot.

9. Castell V. Bryant’s last semester as interim president.

10.Bill Cosby visiting the university.