Seniors Pursue Pro Sports career

As the school year slowly drizzles out and graduation nears, Florida A&M University is saying goodbye to many of its exceptional athletes. These athletes have much to be proud of, as they leave behind a legacy for many future Rattlers to follow. With their excellence in athletics, and most importantly their achievements in the classroom, FAMU has led these athletes to their final days as Rattlers and college students. Rome Sanders from the men’s 2007 MEAC champion basketball team and Frank Green from the men’s tennis team are two recognized athletes that displayed hard work and excellence during their time at FAMU. The 6-foot-8 center Sanders led the Rattlers in field goal percentage – .653, offensive rebounds- 93 and scoring- 15.2 ppg. Green helped carried the men tennis team in the past four years to the MEAC tournament. Although Sanders and Green are only two of the many athletes to graduate in the 2007 semester these two athletes took their time out to share their experience as being a Rattler and overcoming their academic and physical challenges to the FAMUAN.

THE FAMUAN: What would you rate your overall experience at FAMU as athletes?

Sanders: I would rate it a 7 or 8. I’ll call my experience here good, not great, because nothing is perfect.

Green: I would rate it an 8. There were rough times, but it was a good experience and I wouldn’t change too much.

THE FAMUAN: What’s next for you after graduation?

Sanders: I am working out and staying in shape. I am also working with an agent and hope to go pro. If I can’t go pro in the states, I will play overseas.

Green: I’ll be going to graduate school for sports management here at FAMU. There’s a possibility for me to continue playing sports, but for now I’m just focused on grad-school.

THE FAMUAN: What’s your most memorable experience at FAMU?

Sanders: Winning the MEAC Championship this year, no doubt. We had a lot of ups and downs this season and the championship showed that all our hard work paid off.

Green: I enjoyed my team atmosphere. I enjoyed being part of a team and having people to fall back on, when things got rough.

THE FAMUAN: Did you enjoy being a Rattler?

Sanders: I did. I definitely enjoyed my times here. I loved being at a HBCU and being around my peers. It was different at first, but I ended up enjoying it.

Green: I enjoyed my time at FAMU. It was a great experience. I liked being in the South, coming from Philadelphia. I enjoyed living on and off campus and the whole HBCU experience. This is where I wanted to be.

THE FAMUAN: How do you want to be remembered at FAMU in classes and on the court?

Sanders: I want to be remembered as someone who was about taking care of business. As someone, who did everything to be successful and make others around me successful.

Green: I want to be remembered as a hard worker and a leader. Someone who gave their full-effort and never settled for a loss. Even when we did lose, I tried to gain something good out of it. Also, as someone who tried they’re hardest and got the job done with my racket and not my mouth.