Senior setbacks may slow graduation

The reality of college has yet to be impressed upon some senior students that are on the way to graduation. Senior students are expected to meet all requirements before they receive their diploma. From missing elective hours to community service hours, there can be many setbacks when it comes to graduating. Depending on how dedicated a student is, school should go by swiftly. However, there are students who are required by the university to complete set curriculums. For instance, Pharmacy majors have to attend college for a six-year period to be able to receive their Doctorate of Pharmacy degree. English education majors on the other hand, have to attend school for a minimum of four years depending on what type of degree they are working toward. Bryan Telfort, 22, a senior biology student from Miami, has worked hard throughout the years he’s been at FAMU. He, however, is expected to stay just a while longer because he is missing elective hours. “It isn’t as bad as it seems,” Telfort said. ” I’m willing to finish what I have to do in order to graduate.” Another scenario pointed to by students in regards to late graduation is a time conflict, which forces them to put graduation plans on hold. “Most students use schedule conflicts as an excuse for them not graduating,” said Vicky Johnson, an academic advisor for the School of Business and Industry. “We allow our students to come to us with any class issues that they may have.” FAMU also provides summer school programs that allow students to take classes that they need in order to graduate. However, some students are either not aware of this alternative, or prefer to spend their summer away from anything school-related. “It’s a party on the set or this Wednesday everyone is at the Moon, nobody wants to be left out,” said Katrina Pratt, 21, a business administration student from Redland, Calif. “Some students let their peers influence them to go out and have fun when they don’t even realize that graduation is right around the corner, I have once been a victim of that.” Pratt recognizes that it is not wise to let distractions come in the way of taking care of the student’s true priorities, and that giving too much time to socializing could affect schoolwork negatively. Some students said that “senioritis”, a term used to describe the lack of interest in studies that students sometimes feel at the end of their academic lives, tends to be the issue most times. “Some students get tired and lazy even though they know that this is their senior year,” said Darra Demps, 20, an English student from Miami, “Even though some students are not graduating with their class it may not come as a bummer.” Other students, however, plan to ‘walk across the stage.’ “This is my third year at FAMU and I plan to graduate with my class,” Demp said. “I feel as if it is unnecessary for me to attend the four year term. After college though, I do plan on attending law school to better myself in the field I plan to pursue.”