Returning Rattlers should expect great things

The end of the semester is finally here. As a senior public relations student, I must say, that of my four years at Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University, this has been quite an interesting semester, to say the least. While many students are preparing for final exams and graduation, I sit back and ponder on this past semester and think of all the changes that we as a university have experienced. Within a span of four months, we as a university have experienced the highs and lows in the media. To start off the semester, we had two of five members of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity each receiving a two-year prison sentence, while the remaining three were given a misdemeanor sentence resulting in probation and community service. We have also experienced the recent protest of students against the Pappas report that suggests that FAMU become a university that only grants baccalaureate degrees. Let’s not forget the various financial problems that have been frequently highlighted by the media. However, I must admit that everything hasn’t always been negative. Our beloved Marching 100 have recently performed with Sen. Barack Obama on his campaign in Tampa. And we have officially introduced James Ammons as our new university president. Yet, with all the recent changes happening, what are returning and new students to expect for the fall semester? Will the pharmacy program ever come off probation? Are FAMU’s finances finally on the road to recovery? Will there ever be cable in the dormitories? These are questions that I have been asking for the past couple of months. Throughout my years here at the university, one never knows what to expect when it comes to FAMU. I have experienced three university presidents over a span of four years, constant changes in the administration, and several housing complaints. Students should be assured that although the university has its problems, it will always recover, bounce back on top! Did everyone forget that FAMU was named the ‘number one university for black students’ by Black Enterprise magazine? It’s sad, that individuals within the university can only point out the negative things. I am constantly hearing students whining about wanting to transfer to FSU after the year is over. It is so annoying to hear the complaints about the university. I believe that the university has problems just like any other school, yet we produce leaders in the midst of confusion. I believe that every new and returning student will experience what is predestined for him or her at FAMU. This has always been my experience. For the most part, I have enjoyed most of my professors and the university itself. The people whom I come in contact with have certainly made the experience a memorable one. What can one expect when returning in the fall? An experience like no other.

Dwayne Moment is a senior public relations student from Ft. Lauderdale. He can be reached at