Fights, senseless shootings turn clubs into war zones

The club scene is a dangerous, chaotic place to be.

Sadly, although I know this to be a fact I continue to subject myself to that environment.

Saturday night at Baja’s Beach Club was reminiscent of a wartime movie. As the club goers were leaving the club I quickly developed an awkward feeling. People were on the ground hyperventilating, there were mists of pepper spray, and then it happened.

I am always on guard for the outbreak of fights because I am not a fan of getting caught in crossfire. When girls began screaming while sprinting in the opposite direction I became increasingly worried about my well being.

I felt like I was in a scene from “Saving Private Ryan” as other people and I squatted behind a car to avoid flying bullets.

Do we sign up for the frontline whenever we choose to go clubbing in Tallahassee? Had we joined the infantry at least we would get paid. The majority of us are just trying to have fun when we go to clubs; it is those wanna-be gangsters who mess up the enjoyment for us.

Why is every guy at the club trying to be a tough guy?

The dance floor becomes dangerous when the most noncombative people during the week decide they want to prove their masculinity in the club. If they like fighting so much they should join a boxing gym because I am tired of having to watch my back while I am dancing. I had some close calls during spring break – a bottle flew past my face, striking the person standing next to me.

I guess when the lights are dim the conditions to sneak an attack in are right. Maybe people are more prone to fight in closed environments like clubs because they know the bouncers won’t let the fight last.

The bouncers cannot save you outside the club, and Saturday it became evident the police can’t either. Two people were shot and as I walked past both of them lying on the concrete I could not help but think how crazy we can be.

Was whatever precipitated the gunfire that serious?

It is almost a guarantee there will be some type of violence after the club in the parking lot, especially when young black men are there. I hate that I had to say that, but it’s true. We just do not know how to be civilized at clubs.

Of course not all young black men lack civilization but way too many do.

Instead of emulating the lyrics of popular rap artists we should try harder to be ourselves. Hollering at and groping half-dressed women at the club is one thing, but when you begin to put others in danger you have gone too far.

I suppose buffoons need a jungle to thrive in, but the club is not the jungle.

Siraaj Sabree is a junior newspaper journalism student from Miami. He can be reached at