Baseball team recovers

The University’s men’s baseball team is headed toward a promising future as they change the momentum of what appeared to be a disappointing season.

The team was a on a losing streak after being defeated 24 times at the start of the season but is now making strides in the right direction.

Team captain Corey McFadden, 20, a business administration and accounting student from Tampa, said the team faced problems outside of its control.

“We are a small and young team,” McFadden said. “We don’t have the same caliber players as big schools, so we have to play a fundamental game of baseball.”

McFadden credits the turnaround to overall teamwork.

“We’re now playing our style of baseball,” McFadden said. “Key players are stepping up, and we are putting in a team effort.”

One of the contributors to the team’s turnaround is key player freshman Darryl Evans, 19, from Gary, Ind.

Evans said toward the beginning of the season they weren’t playing cohesively as a group and were lacking teamwork.

“First we were a team of individuals and frustrated,” Evans said. “Now we’re playing together, and everyone is happy.”

Head coach Joe Durant said keeping the team focused and in positive spirits was a key element in its new success.

“I kept encouraging them to stay positive,” Durant said. “We lose and win together.”

Durant also said the team’s current record of 8-39 doesn’t accurately reflect the team’s performance.

With only 11 games remaining in the season for the Rattlers, the team is hopeful of continuing to stay on the winning path.

“(I keep telling them) keep their heads up and keep fighting,” Durant said.