School becoming a danger zone

We all know that house parties and clubs can be breeding grounds for violence, as seen this weekend at a Kappa party and the shooting at Baja’s a few weeks back, but what about violence while you are still in class?

According to CNN there has been 33 deaths after a shooting incident on Virginia Tech University’s campus Monday morning, the worst shooting incident in U.S. history.

Is it safe to say college campuses nationwide can officially be added to the list of dangerous hot spots where one should be worried of potential harm?

Forget the clubs and house parties, – they can be expected to experience some type of violence – the college campus may now pose a threat to your safety.

As reported on, the shootings came three dates after a bomb threat Friday forced the cancellations of classes in three buildings, and after the police received a written bomb threat on April 2, which involved the evacuation of Torgersen Hall.

In an article written in USA Today, it was reported that 80 percent of campus crime was committed by students who attend the university.

What is going on? Should incoming college freshmen be advised that along with complicated class work, parties and adult responsibilities should come a sense that, you may go into class one morning and not make it out?

Why does it seem as though everyone is so trigger-happy?

If you feel the only way to get your point across is violence, let’s take it back to the old days when an altercation merely involved your fist and not your glock.

Katrelle Simmons for the Editorial Board.