Local artist breathes new life in gospel

While unwrapping the plastic and opening the CD case, look down – the CD reads “Listen at your own risk.”

Any listener would be worried, right? Wrong.

Tallahassee has produced a couple of new faces in music like T-Pain. However, now Tallahassee brings Jon Owens, a minister and Christian music artist.

Jon Owens, who is also a a youth minister, preaches at Every Nation Ministries in Tallahassee.

The new album, “Arize Live” is sure to touch both Christian and non-Christian music lovers. Infused with a rock alternative edge, the set opens with a hypnotic violin solo that is sure to spark your ear lobes.

The album begins with the song “Bless The Lord,” whose beautiful arrangement and instrumentation draws in all who listens. The song is a testimony to having faith in God and his many mercies.

“Son of man/son of righteousness/King of the Earth for sinners slain/Bless the Lord oh my soul.” The track delivers chills and emotion that is unparalleled.

“Jesus, Jesus” is an upbeat, feel- good song that forces you to raise your hands in excitement. It’s definitely a breath of fresh air that is meant to exalt and praise Jesus Christ.

“Jesus we’ve come to call on you/Bless your name/Give you the glory/We’re here to honor you.” The song succeeds in its purpose to ignite praise to Jesus.

Another album highlight, the acoustic-driven “Kingdom Come” is a mesmerizing track with pitch-perfect, infectious vocal harmonies of the choir. Another praise and worship song, it delivers a new edge and more alternative perspective to Christian music. It’s a pleasant, fresh listen to truly inspire.

Arguably, the album’s best song “Fire Burns (Arise)” delivers a song reminiscent of Kirk Franklin’s hit “Imagine Me.”

The song’s smooth vocals help to deliver the song’s emotional lyrics.

“Don’t wanna go back Lord to the way I used to live/I won’t go back Lord to the way I used to be before/You rescued me/I will not stop.”

Other album standouts include “I Live, I Breathe” and “Who is the Lord.”

The sound is eclectic, and the 14-track set pushes the boundaries of Christian music by mixing rock, Christian, alternative and down-home gut-wrenching gospel into a sound all its own.

This sound may be new for many listeners of the traditional gospel music, but it will definitely catch your ear and force a head bop or two… maybe three.

This album will appeal to the everyday Christian music listener and may even draw in many of the secular pop and R&B music lovers. “Arize: Live” is a worth a listen.

I guess Kirk Franklin is not the only one bringing fresh, new Christian music and gospel music to the forefront.

Look out for Jon Owens.