FAMU cannot open its doors to all who knock

Why does FAMU do the things it does? For instance, if there are incompetent employees that do not belong in their current office, they should be let go. Likewise, if there are students that are not college-ready, they should not be enrolled into this University.

Running a college is a business. More students mean more money from the Florida legislature and other sources. But, while funds are important for a University, a student’s education is more important.

Instead of focusing on the numbers, FAMU needs to focus on the overall quality of students being admitted into the University. A University of our caliber should not have so many students taking remedial C-prep courses. They should be ready for college and competent enough to handle the workload expected of a college student.

If an individual does not meet the requirements for acceptance, they should not be admitted into FAMU. They should go to a community college to receive the education they didn’t receive in primary and secondary school.

No disrespect to individuals who had to take remedial courses, but FAMU needs to look out for the overall vision of the University.

Students that are not college-ready slow the progress and are sometimes a distraction in the classroom. Also, retention rates drop at the University because some of these students really don’t want to be in school.

So here is some advice: we need to raise the requirements and adhere to them. For what is a University but an institution of learning of the highest level?

Wesley Martin for the Editorial Board.