Audit commends SGA

The 36th Senate released audit results Thursday that reflected an overall commendable performance for members of the executive branch of SGA.

“I was really, really happy this year because the audit went successful,” said Vandoline Ivey, chair of the Elections and Appointments Committee.

The evaluations, conducted by an Audit Committee of selected students, listed 13 executive officers rated on a performance scale of 1 to 10, 1 being no grade and 10 being excellent. All members this year received a score of 7 or better. Student Body President Phillip Agnew and Vice President

Monique Gillum were exempt from the audit because they are elected officials, whereas those included in the audit report are appointed through an application process.

“Students at large were chosen for the audit committee,” said Ivey, 20, a third-year business student from Lakeland. “I’m really pleased because we had to start from nothing and we worked our way up.”

Members of the Audit Committee included chair Alexis Hence, Francely Castillo, Kierra Ebanks, Dan Mathis and Courtney Peasant. This group of students was chosen as an impartial panel to conduct interviews of the executive members and to present their findings to the E&A Committee.

General comments and recommendations by the audit committee were outlined below the ratings of the executive members in the final audit report.

The report stated, “The majority of the departments knew their job duties very well and could expound on them and relate specific things they have done to fulfill their duties.”A list of the overall scores of executive members is shown in the chart at the right.