Semester not over yet; keep up academic effort

As the semester continues to dwindle, classroom attendance has followed. But students need to realize that despite the sunshine foreshadowing summer break, school is not over yet.

There are still papers that need to be written, projects to be put together and finals that require thorough preparation.

It is not hard to notice the change in attitude of students when the fall semester transitions into the spring. The closer it gets to summer the more students become unfocused.

Students’ minds cease to focus because they think there is nothing they can do to change whatever grade they have earned thus far. But students would be surprised at the potential results from a week of speaking with professors and concentrating on the remaining class work.

Professors watch the work habits of students from the commencement of the semester until its conclusion. Professors seem to work more with students who have a continual interest in their grade, not just a last minute concern.

One way to determine someone’s character is not how students start but rather in the manner they finish. Professors adhere to the same principles. Students who put forth effort toward the end of the semester often are the ones surprised when they receive their final grades. Even if their grades throughout the semester have fallen short, professors don’t mind rewarding those students whose work ethic mandates it.

Students please stay on top of your schoolwork; every day counts.

Anthony Anamelechi for the Editorial Board.