Orange beats Green in spring football game

No cheerleaders, no band, just real football.

On Saturday, nearly 200 fans were in Bragg Memorial Stadium for the Orange and Green Spring Football Game.

The Orange and Green game is designed to be a friendly football competition that determines the strength and weakness of FAMU players and gives freshmen the opportunity to show off their potential.

As the game began, players lined the field as parents in the crowd guided children to chant “Rattlers.”

Freshman Demitric Henry, a 5-foot-9-inch running back, picked up the first carry of the game. 

However, the spirit of the fans became serious when freshman Adrian Smith, who is currently replacing star receiver Willie Hayward, made the Orange’s first incomplete pass.

As the game progressed and tackles and sacks were made, the intensity in the crowd grew for the fall season.

Although there weren’t as many students in the stands as there were parents, the crowd’s participation could still be heard.

Albert Chester, starting quarterback, took field with the Orange team and completed 12 out of 17 passes for 128 yards.

Although Jason Beach did not get as much play time, he said the energy on both sides of the ball was great but inconsistent.

“The intensity on both sides of the field was very high yet wavering through the game,” Beach said.

Head coach Rubin Carter agreed with Beach and said he was impressed with the defense’s performance.

“The defensive line had lots of intensity. They were being more effective getting the ball up the field and putting pressure on the quarterback,” Carter said.

The admiration continued through the first half as red shirt freshman Robert Love, who also played quarterback, made 8 out of 10 passes for a 187 yards including two touchdown passes. One of Love’s highlights came from the long pass to Smith for a 40-yard run that resulted in the first touchdown of the game.

Before the ending of the first half, freshman Kalum Harris brought the crowd back to life after running a 27 yards stretch.

The second half kicked off with Harris taking a hard hit after an 11-yard rush. And under pressure Love made an incredible 34-yard pass to Ken Menelas.

With the offense on top 24-17 overall the Rattlers put on a dazzling performance with the promise of a bright 2007-2008-football season.

Carter explained the outcome of the game would be used to improve both the offensive and defensive game.

“When you lose two experienced players like Daniel Parrish and Lenard Black, who were the cornerstone of the offensive line for two years, you lose the continuity on the line,” Carter said.

Javares Knight, a 6-foot-4-inch wide receiver, gave the offensive line a great review.

“The relatively younger offense will grow together into their positions this season making a cohesive unit,” Knight said.

The Rattler season kicks off in the fall against non-conference rival Southern University at Legion Field in Birmingham, Ala., on Sept. 2.