Man shot after Kappa party

One man was injured when gunshots rang out early Saturday morning at a Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity house party.

Witnesses at the fraternity Club House on Wailes Street said Andrew Torres, 21, was wounded in the leg at approximately 2 a.m.

“Basically, everyone was dancing, then the DJ started playing crunk music and people started pushing each other,” said Omari Brown, a broadcast journalism student from Chicago.

Brown, 20, said he watched as nearly 10 to 15 people began fighting in the crowded building. “I heard about two gunshots go off, and people began running,” he said.

Several people outside were alarmed when the shots went off.

“I was outside and everybody started running when we heard the gunshots,” said sophomore business administration student Jonathan Huggs.

Huggs said some partygoers jumped the fence outside the building, while others tore down the main gate to flee.

“After we hopped the fence, the police came and were trying to get everyone out,” Huggs said.

Nearly four police cars arrived on the scene, witnesses said.

“One policeman had his gun drawn and was looking around with a flashlight,” Brown said.

Torres, the wounded man, was taken to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital and received treatment for his injuries.

As of Sunday, Tallahassee Police officers were still looking for the gunmen but had no real leads.

TPD said the official police report will be released Monday.