Students should rally around success

This semester students have shown their school pride in the amidst turmoil. We have come together and protested funding decisions affecting the engineering school, the delay of justice for the family of Martin Lee Anderson, the non-payment of University employees, the lack of summer classes, and the list goes on. Somehow though, in the whirlwind of protest we have forgotten to celebrate the accomplishments of many students and faculty.

Last night, outstanding students and administrators were recognized at the Bernard D. Hendricks “Rattler Pride” Awards ceremony – but there were no signs and bull horns. No one gathered on the steps of Lee Hall or around the Eternal Flame, matter of fact, besides the nominees and a few supporters, there was no one there at all.

FAMU students were once known for their protesting spirit, but beyond that, we were known for an unparalleled level of support, hence our motto, “Excellence with caring.”

Protesting is a great way to present a united front in the face of adversity and has its place. Lately though, we’ve become so mired in the negative that we seem to not care about the level of excellence that justifies our University’s existence.

Congratulations to the nominees and winners of the “Rattler Pride” Awards. People like you are the reason that this great University was founded and exists today. There are many great students doing great things around campus, it’s just to bad everyone was too busy protesting to notice.

Alaythia C. Burkins for the Editorial Board.