Separate sin from sinner

In an attempt to get a better understanding of a lifestyle I strongly disagree with, I spoke with a few fellow Rattlers who are homosexuals. One person said he struggled throughout high school with his sexuality. He tried sleeping with the opposite sex, but said it felt forced.

Another person said she has been interested in the same sex since about the age of 4. She had hopes of maybe one day having that “crush,” but it never happened.

Eventually, both people came to the conclusion that being in a relationship with the same sex was more comfortable for them.

Their lifestyle may be gaining acceptance, but as a Christian, I cannot agree with it. With homosexuality, there is no pro-creation.

If everybody were a homosexual, life itself would cease to exist.

Think about it.

If men only slept with men, and women only slept with women, then how would people conceive children?

So, since I can’t agree with the lifestyles, how do I communicate with the person? Simple; I separate the sin from the sinner.

Christians must begin to understand we were all born into sin. We cannot continue to tolerate the fornicator, liar, thief and anyone else in the church who is practicing sin, but ostracize those who are struggling with homosexuality.

It is commanded of Christians to extend the love of God to all people, regardless of their sexual preferences.

When you examine Christ, the first people he ministered to were the people viewed as the “worst sinners,” such as the prostitutes and adulterers.

If we continue with our judgmental attitude, our actions will resemble that of the Sadducees and Pharisees; quick to throw out the scriptures to prove someone wrong, but slow to love someone.

Donnie McClurkin, a pastor and famous musician, was molested at age 8 by his uncle, and again at age 13 by his cousin, his uncle’s son. McClurkin had a 20-year battle with his sexual preference, but the entire time he understood that his body was meant for procreation.

In an interview on gospel entertainment Web site “Cross Rhythms” McClurkin said the first step to his deliverance was “realizing that I’m not who my desires say that I am.”

We all know the Bible teaches us homosexuality is wrong. But it also teaches us that many other sins are wrong as well.

Imagine two skunks sitting next to you. One is bigger than the other. But after taking a whiff, they both stink.In reality, sin is sin, one is not more wrong than another.

God has given us the commandment to evangelize and preach the good news to every creature.

But if we continue to bash homosexuals instead of love them, we will lose our witness.

Brent Hatchett is a sophomore broadcast student from Bloomfield Hills, Mich. He can be reached at