Justice served with Imus’ firing

Justice may not have been swift, but it was effective.Don Imus’ exit from the airwaves is official, and it is to the delight of more than just Jesse Jackson and the Rev. Al Sharpton. The majority of the nation should rejoice in the bigot’s extinguishing.

While it was disappointing to see Imus was only terminated after the arrogant statement about “not needing his job” and a loss in sponsorship for MSNBC, it was for the best.

It was for the best that disc jockeys learn there is in fact a line in the sand that need not be crossed.

The original two-week suspension simply would have been a slap on the wrist that would fuel the rise in listeners that Imus might have received had he remained on air.

The issue is not that Imus made such statements, but that it took him so long to realize it was wrong. The disk jockey allowed himself to ramble ignorantly about a subject that didn’t merit such hateful language.

Take note that Imus is in the broadcast Hall of Fame. It wouldn’t be a terrible idea to remove that honor from him as well.

The severity of his punishment should reflect the harshness of his words. The executives at MSNBC and CBS had no choice. Not only should Imus’ status as a national voice be extinguished but so should his standing among journalism’s elite.

Imus’ statements were deplorable to say the least. And hopefully we will never have to worry about hearing something similar from him.

Akeem Anderson for the Editorial Board.